“All For Love”

Hallmark Channel’s ‘All for Love’ the perfect Memorial Day weekend flick

This Memorial Day weekend, Hallmark Channel is your go-to destination for a fun, family film via its new original flick ‘All for Love’.

What better way to celebrate Memorial Weekend than by watching two individuals from completely different worlds brought together through the power of love! Just in time for Memorial Day comes All for Love, a new Hallmark Channel original film about taking chances and finding love in the most unexpected of places.

Jo Parker (Sara Rue, Impastor) was once the top-selling romance novelist but in recent years she’s gradually lost her spark. Having sworn off romance in her own life, her novels are no longer selling as well as they once did and her most recent novel proved to be the biggest flop in her writing career – largely due to the factual errors critics and readers panned her for making.

Due to the failure of her last novel, her publisher is more critical than ever before and is none too pleased with the first draft of her next work “SEALed with a Kiss,” a romance novel featuring a charming Navy Seal hero at the heart of its story. The only issue, is that her publisher feels the book is missing that same level of factualness which leads Jo to throw herself into researching the life of a real-life Seal. Enter retired Seal turned military boot camp leader Colin Shaw (Steve Bacic, Garage Sale Mystery).

Soon both Jo and Colin are thrust into unfamiliar territory as the skeptical Colin looks to show Jo what it truly takes to be a Seal.

Along the way, both Jo and Colin end up learning more about themselves and one another as each discover capabilities they were unaware they possessed. While their relationship starts off on the front foot, friendship soon blossoms into something more leaving both Jo and Colin to question whether art really does imitate life.Don’t miss the Hallmark Channel world premiere of All for Love this Saturday, May 27 at 9/8c!

Thoughts on the latest Hallmark Channel original made-for-TV movie and its premise? Will you be tuning into All for Love this weekend? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below and don’t forget to set your DVRs!

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